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What is conference interpretation?

Essential information can be easily lost when multiple languages are being spoken at a conference.

Professional conference interpretation ensures that every person understands the message.

Conference interpretation or simultaneous translation is used at meetings where more than one language is spoken. It is a tool used to communicate the message of the speakers and delegates from one language into another or into multiple languages. The role of the interpreter is to communicate the speaker's meaning accurately and efficiently.

There are two forms of conference interpretation:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation is the most frequently used form (where the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker, usually through electronic equipment).
  • Consecutive Interpretation is used for small discussion groups and in negotiations (where the interpreter repeats after the speaker).

Interpreters work in teams to perform their highly demanding task. ICI uses the professional norms established over many years to determine team sizes that ensure optimal quality. Click here to refer to the AIIC's professional practice conditions for conference interpreters in Canada.

For more information on conference interpretation and how we can assist you, please contact us.

What our clients have to say

  • Thank you for the outstanding interpretation services that you provided for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2015...

    National Organising Committee
    FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015
  • We would highly recommend ICI to anyone requiring top-level, professional conference interpretation...

    Glenn Ives, Chairman of the Board
    Deloitte Canada
  • I would recommend ICI to anyone who is in need of translation services. Very clear, easy to understand, best company yet...

    Jai Allan
    TD Canada Trust
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