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Assisting you with the planning and coordination of your multilingual meeting or event.

Various topics available for your review

If you have a question regarding conference interpretation that we have not addressed, please contact us.

What is Conference Interpretation?

Essential information can be easily lost when multiple languages are being used. Professional conference interpretation ensures that every event participant, irrespective of language, understands the message.

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Translator, interpreter... what's the difference?

Let's clear up the confusion. Translators work with the written word. Interpreters work with the spoken word. Simultaneous translators are really conference interpreters. Many people call conference interpreters, "simultaneous translators". However, strictly speaking this is a misnomer.

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Smart Speaking at International Meetings

Calliope has produced a four-minute animation that shows speakers at international conferences how to communicate effectively. The video has been welcomed by international organizations and distributed within EU institutions.

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Planning Your Event

You are planning a multilingual event. How do you organize top quality interpretation? How many interpreters are needed? Should you choose simultaneous or consecutive translation?

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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Conference interpreters require high-quality sound conditions to optimally perform their work. This is assured by working with a reputable SI equipment firm. ICI will be happy to advise you.

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The Calliope Briefcase: A secure virtual hard disk for our clients and interpreters

With confidentiality in mind, ICI provides a secure hard disk for its clients to host the documents required for preparing their meetings. Each client has a personal file, with password protection; only the interpreters recruited for this client have access to the file.

  • All data in the file is deleted once the conference is over.
  • The Briefcase is easy to use as it mimics Windows Explorer.

What our clients have to say

  • Thank you for the outstanding interpretation services that you provided for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2015...

    National Organising Committee
    FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015
  • We would highly recommend ICI to anyone requiring top-level, professional conference interpretation...

    Glenn Ives, Chairman of the Board
    Deloitte Canada
  • I would recommend ICI to anyone who is in need of translation services. Very clear, easy to understand, best company yet...

    Jai Allan
    TD Canada Trust
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